The Longest 40 Centimeters In the World

Datum: 12-13 June 2017
It is this distance that separates the brain from the heart...

The best Russian controlling consultant Valentin Usenkov was in Zagreb with his famous seminar: 
The Longest 40 Centimeters In the World

It is this distance that separates the brain from the heart. It is this distance that has to be overcome by controllers and financiers in an effort to convey the value of controlling tools to the business owner.

And having overcome it, the controller gets the most powerful ally in the implementation of controlling tools, without which it is difficult to imagine a successful and steadily growing business today.

Date and time:  12-13 June 2017 from 09:00 to 16:30

Language: Seminar tuition is in English language, as well as all manuals and presentation. Therefore, in order to benefit from participation at least a passive knowledge of English is required.

Seminar content:

  • “The formula of wealth”: myth or reality?
  • Amortization: the enemy or the friend?
  • A story about how only 1 day of delay “touches” the pocket of the company?
  • Intuition of the owner against financial awareness: what is stronger?
  • The result of the relationship between which counterparties is the most important in the business?
  • How to teach the company’s team to fill this result with the same meaning and synchronize efforts to achieve it?

These and other topics will be considered from a methodological and practical point of view. And each of the participants will get a whole set of ready-to-implement simple tools that bring a significant and tangible financial effect to the companies for a maximum of 2 months!

During the two-day session in Croatia Valentin Usenkov presented some of the most interesting examples from his business practice. In addition to practical examples, he also guided the participants through concrete tasks and exercises. This was a unique opportunity for owners, managers and controllers from the region to gain new insight, enrich their knowledge and acquire new skills.

About Valentin Usenkov:

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