Controlling and Finance for Non-Financials

Datum: 09-10 of May 2023
Join our 2-day training in Zagreb, May 9-10, 2023, by Controller Akademie's expert, Dietmar Pascher. Enhance financial and controlling skills for effective business management.

Dietmar Pascher, partner and trainer at Controller Akademie Munich coming again – this is his 11th training in Zagreb since 2013! .

Every single year in the last decade, Dietmar held an exclusive training that brought together the wider business community. He sets trends and directly influences changes in business practices. This time he emphasized management, finance, and controlling from a non-financiers point of view.

Date & Time: 09-10 of May 2023, 9:00-17:00 . Place: Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka avenija 100, Zagreb . Organizer: Kontroling Kognosko in cooperation with Controller Akademie.

Why attending this seminar is a must?

This training provides the participants with a holistic (systemic) view of business management methods and their economic interrelationships. They recognize the importance of controlling and the interdependencies of the individual systems of strategic, operational, and financial controlling, which are among the program’s main focuses.

The participants develop business competence so that they can recognize and interpret the economic and financial effects of their decisions at an early stage and, above all, use their influence on the company’s financial goals as a whole.
The training concisely conveys a uniform controlling culture, and increases the participants’ business economic sensitivity and finesse for figures, and, last but not least, promotes motivation to apply them.

Who should attend:

  • top management, middle management
  • sales, production, supply chain managers
  • managers of BU, key account managers
  • data analysts, planners, accountants, and also controllers
  • IT experts that are introducing solutions to support controlling (BI, DW, Planning …)
  • and all those who want to understand better business processes from a finance-controlling view .

Seminar agenda:

I. Controlling as Management Process

  • Target setting, planning and navigating
  • Leadership and financial responsibility
  • Controller as business partner
  • The three dimensions (strategic, operational and financial) of Controlling

II. Sales & Customer Controlling

  • Contribution Accounting, Product mix decisions
  • Contribution margin versus Gross profit
  • Price-Volume Function, Discount “trap”
  • Evaluating competitive advantage. Do the unexpected!
  • Customer profitability

III. Case Study Management Reporting

  • Business case on variance analysis and forecasting
  • Exercise on economic thinking and future-oriented acting
  • 4-windows-form

IV. Management Accounting

  • Panoramic view of the accounting system
  • Management Result Account and Contribution Accounting
  • Product Costing and Cost Centre Planning
  • Cost cube: variable and fixed costs

V. Financial Controlling and Working Capital

  • Balance sheet, profit & loss account, cash flow statement
  • Financial Ratios: e.g. ROI, ROS, EQ ratio, EBITDA etc.
  • Working Capital Management
  • Computer-based sensitivity analysis

VI. Investment Decisions

  • Static and dynamic investment calculation
  • Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return
  • WACC: Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Qualitative investment assessment

Date, time, and place:

09-10 of May 2023 from 09:00 to 17:00, Hotel Antunović, Zagreb, Zagrebačka avenija 100

. Language:

The seminar, as well as all the manuals and presentations, will be in English. Therefore, at least passive knowledge of English is required to benefit from participation in the seminar.


The registration fee for the seminar:

  • the standard fee is 460 € + 115 VAT = 575 €
  • a 10% discount is offered when at least four participants from one company register for the seminar.

The seminar price is per person and includes all training materials, lunch and refreshments, as well as a certification diploma in English. Full payment of the invoice must be made before the start of the seminar as a precondition of participation.
For any additional information, send a message to

Dietmar Pascher