This time Dietmar Pascher talks about “Controlling and Finance for Non-Financials”

Date & Time: 09-10 of May 2023, 9:00-17:00

“Controlling and Finance for Non-Financials” by Dietmar Pascher, partner, and trainer, Controller Akademie Munich

Date & Time: 09-10 of May 2023, 9:00-17:00
Place: Hotel Antunović, Zagrebačka avenija 100, Zagreb
Organizer: Kontroling Kognosko in cooperation with Controller Akademie.


Why attending this seminar is a must?

Every single year in the last decade, Dietmar held an exclusive training that brought together the wider business community. He sets trends and directly influences changes in business practices. This time he emphasized management, finance, and controlling from a non-financiers point of view.

The participants will develop business competence so that they can recognize and interpret the economic and financial effects of their decisions at an early stage and, above all, use their influence on the company’s financial goals as a whole.

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