CM Special 2019

Measuring the Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness of Support Services

Naslovnica KK JO clanak

Today, more than ever before, it is important to know that companies globally are experiencing a rise in STRUCO costs – structure costs (term by Controller Akademie, Munich).

A large share of STRUCO costs is made up of costs from support services, such as HR, accounting and finance, purchasing, controlling, PR, legal department, compliance department, etc. A fair share of those costs are fixed costs and they cannot be rationalised purely through the results obtained on the market (at least not in a direct and simple manner).

There are three main indicators that can help us analyse the work of support services: productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Each of the three indicators reveals different things, and therefore needs to be viewed separately from the other two.

Productivity pertains to how quickly a task is performed or completed.

Efficiency entails reaching an economic objective with a minimum of costs and effort…

Author Ocko, Kontroling Kognosko CMS 2019